Creating visual identities, logos, developing campaigns, concepts, illustrations and other graphic design material, always keeping the branding mindset and the ideas coherent. Delivers for both analogue and digital formats with a sense of overview and great craftsmanship.

Partner up! Graphic specialist 
for your brand

Working with companies who seek a branding partner for the visual execution of their brand. As a graphic specialist, I can supplement your already existing competences and brand knowledge, being a part of the team that makes your visual message more to the point. Direct contact and underway sparring often makes the project run smoother and more efficiently.


Through many years at advertising agencies, client publishing agencies, magazine houses and in house bureaus, I have a vast experience, working with mainly consumer brands. I continue to collaborate with my network of copywriters and fellow creators on projects. Some of my clients through the bureaus: Amager centret, Amazing Space, Bonduelle, Brøchner Hotel, Brødrene Dahl, Dansk Shoppingcenter, Dagrofa, Imerco, Kopenhagen Fur, Magasin du Nord, Salling Group, Synoptik, Thomas Cook Airlines, Waves shoppingcenter, Uno X, 7-eleven and more.